How to protect security camera?

How to protect yourself Keep your camera's firmware up to date. Manufacturers who are serious about protecting their cameras regularly release firmware updates that correct software bugs and fix security vulnerabilities. To prevent electrical surges from damaging the security camera system, avoid mounting video cameras on metal surfaces. If necessary, you can place a wooden block between the metal surface and the camera itself.

Make sure your electrical system is properly grounded and connect the video surveillance cameras to the surge protectors. Using a VPN or virtual private network is one of the most secure ways to remotely access your security camera system. A VPN allows you to connect directly to your home network from anywhere in the world. Direct connections, such as VPNs or port forwarding, are more secure than P2P connections.

As long as your VPN is protected and no one else has access, you are the only person who can access your security camera system. Once you've established your VPN connection to your home network, you can do whatever you want with your security camera system. Purchase wireless security cameras with built-in motion sensors and set up mobile alerts to receive instant notifications if an intruder crosses the camera's field of view. Changing your passwords frequently and complicating your password is vital to protect your outdoor video security system.

Some security sites recommend camouflaging video cameras by painting the housing or placing them in an aviary or other hidden area. Mount security cameras high to make it difficult for criminals to get close enough to point a laser at their sensors precisely. Try to be careful with your computers because they contain a lot of personal information, but chances are you don't have the same level of diligence when it comes to your router and home security camera. For this same reason, you'll never want to buy a DVR recorder, an NVR recorder, IP cameras, or a security camera system that has a master password (also called a root password).

By submitting your above contact information, you authorize FrontPoint Security Solutions, LLC and its affiliates, including Frontpoint Security Solutions, LP (collectively, “Frontpoint”) to send you marketing communications (by mail, email, telephone, text message, or voice mail). If your IP address changes while you are away from home, you will be blocked from accessing your security camera system until you can obtain the address to which it was changed. Updating the firmware of your outdoor property security camera frequently helps address gaps and vulnerabilities. Choosing wireless security cameras reduces the number of cables and cables you'll need to review and maintain.

While you're away from home and using mobile data on your phone, you can set up a VPN tunnel to your home network to securely access your camera system. Security video cameras are normally sealed and airtight while being mounted, which undoubtedly reduces the chance of moisture seeping into the lens. Affordable security camera systems from Amazon sellers and big box stores are cheaper because they have poor research and development behind those products.

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