Where to install security camera?

The best places to install security camerasFront, rear and side doors. More than a third of thieves enter a home through a front or back door. Windows that don't directly face the street may be more likely to be assaulted because of their privacy. ADT provides customers with quality outdoor security equipment you can trust.

From mounted and wireless video cameras to interactive doorbell cameras, we've got you covered. Placing a doorbell camera in the right area doesn't have to be difficult. Treat the location of a doorbell camera the same way you would with a standard doorbell. If positioned correctly, the doorbell camera gives you a wide point of view to cover sensitive areas of your home, such as front and rear door entrances.

You can also use them at other private entrances, such as an Airbnb or a rented space, to make sure your guests or tenants are safe. In the case of outdoor cameras, it is usually recommended to have one in the front to monitor the front door and another in the back. If your house is large or if there are spaces that are difficult to see with just two cameras, you may need more. If you want to see who is on the porch, you can also add a doorbell camera.

For the interior of your home, consider what you want to monitor. The entrance? The master bedroom? Children's bedrooms? Usually, one camera per room you want to monitor is sufficient. Keep in mind that you can always add more cameras later if needed. Many people use tactics such as fake security cameras and outdated yard signs to protect their homes, and many think that these measures are as effective as the real ones.

However, most security camera systems include detailed instructions that will help you connect and launch your setup correctly. These details can also be traced in a location diagram of indoor and outdoor home security cameras so that the installation runs smoothly when you're ready to start. When it comes to defending your property, the majority view is that real security systems and real cameras offer better protection. What about fake security cameras? If they look just as real, they must be just as good, right? Or are they? Inside the house, entrances and high-traffic areas are places to consider for installing residential security cameras.

If you have one of the best home security systems we've recommended (namely, ADT or Vivint), you'll have an installation technician who will install everything for you, including your cameras. In addition, you'll want to make sure that the cameras are securely mounted, as recommended by the manufacturer, so that they don't stray by wind or rain, and you'll want to check that they're positioned in such a way that glare from the sun or street lights don't make them useless. Local images can be stored on the SD card of a security camera, and the amount it can hold depends on the camera configuration and the size of the card. There are considerations beyond the area you need to cover when planning the placement of home security cameras.

Security systems and cameras are amazing if you've ever been bothered by a prowler in your neighborhood, or if there are suspicious noises at night. Once you've planned where to install your security cameras, you can determine which camera features will best suit your needs. Whether you are a landlord, renter, owner of rental properties, or have a family or pets, all of these factors contribute to evaluating your home's needs for security camera systems. Indoor security cameras are a great way to keep track of children without having to be in the same room.


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