What security cameras work without a monthly fee?

Overall, the best option for subscription-free security cameras is the Arlo Pro 3, with 2K video quality with a 160° viewing angle, free cloud storage, an additional 3 TB of storage, night vision and geofencing. Whether you're new to the smart home scene or not, the Arlo Pro 3 has you covered in every aspect. When installing the Arlo Pro 3, I understood that, unlike other security cameras available on the market, replacing batteries is more convenient in this case. The Eufycam 2 is one of the best indoor cameras currently available on the market.

While the EufyCam 2 is compatible with HomeKit, it's important to note that the battery drains faster when connected to the Homekit. In the five months that I've used the EufyCam 2, I can safely say that my camera will last at least 8-10 months before I have to charge the batteries, which in itself is an incredible lifespan for any security camera. Like the ArloPro3 and the EufyCam 2, it can divide the regions under surveillance into zones of activity. Regardless of the storage style you prefer, these security cameras are weatherproof and offer high-quality images.

One thing that differs from regular security cameras is that this one has its separate motion sensor, making it more sensitive to motion detection. If you don't want to worry about cables or batteries, this solar-powered security camera is the best option. However, Ring also produces low-cost Ring Alarm security systems, including control panels, standard Ring security cameras, smart lights and smoke alarm detectors. It's weatherproof and wireless, so you can place this security camera virtually anywhere in or around your home.

One of the points where the SimpliSafe security camera lacks is that it doesn't offer professional monitoring or cloud storage as part of a few trial days or anything like that. This wireless security camera is powered by AA lithium batteries, is IP67 weatherproof, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and has multiple storage options. To change the batteries, simply press a button located below the camera to release it, but also without removing it completely, rather “picking it up”, to easily replace the batteries without removing the batteries from the entire camera. So where does that leave you? You can search for one of the increasingly rare security cameras that offer cloud storage without a subscription, or you can search for security cameras that allow local storage, usually through an SD card slot, so that they automatically upload the images to the card and you can examine them later and delete them when necessary.

That said, you don't need a subscription to have a useful home security camera that keeps your home safe and brings you to that 60% percentile to deter thieves. When you combine excellent video quality, the ability to cover a lot of things thanks to 360-degree rotation and 114-degree tilt, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, you have the makings of a solid security camera.

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